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LATTO’s sport player

Sport content provider,


  • Are you all about exciting sports experience and power content delivery?
  • Are you out to provide your viewers with advanced sport features?
  • Are you interested in delivering your sport content on multiple platforms?
  • Do you want to get to know your audience better?
  • Are you looking for advanced sport content ROI maximization solutions?

LATTO’s here to provide you with the best sport player to maximize your sport content ROI.

LATTO’s sport player - the user experience

  • Choose your camera - watch your content from every possible angle.
  • Control time - time stamp, replay, slow-mo rewind and fast forward content.
  • Statistics - get the added vantage and “know how” right to your screen.
  • VOD and Live features - stream or download any game you want to watch.
  • Learn your audience - the player will suggest content relevant to the user.

LATTO’s sport content management solutions

Now this is what we call a touchdown!

We create a custom tailored service kit for your needs and provides the best matching content to your viewers, bringing our specialty in the video field to the table

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